Rev. Dr. Mark Greenfield, who, unfortunately, will be leaving New England for a warmer climate!  Massachusetts' loss, North Carolina's gain!

I have known Mark for several years and over that time he has worked at numerous Psychic Fairs that my business partner and I produce to raise funds for local non-profit causes.  Mark has always been a reliable and dependable reader.  He always comes early and helps to set up and stays late to help us break down - none of this is required of a reader at our fairs but Mark has a big heart and knows how much work it takes to produce such an event!  Always willing to lend a hand which we have always been so grateful for and will miss!

As one of the producers of the fair I am privy to how each reader does in client count and Mark is always up there as one of our stars.  Many requests come from individuals when requesting a "reader" for Mark.  I have seen and experienced his work and he is a gentle, kind, loving and a deeply spiritual individual.  His message work through cards, mediumship and healing has been "spot on" as one very delighted client so aptly stated to me upon her departure from a reading with Mark.

If you are lucky enough to have Mark in your employ, congratulations - he is a wonderful man with many gifts and the willingness to share his light with the World.

Let me finalize this by saying that a good man is hard to find but a spiritual good man is a gift to our World!

- Patricia M.


I first met Mark when he would frequent the local deli in which I worked. He was smiling 

and very soft spoken. Over the years we became friendly, he has an easy going demeanor. 

I am often drawn to persons who are involved with the metaphysical. I find Mark to be 

honest and patient. Mark has recently performed my wedding ceremony. 

Mark was quite professional and understanding, leading my husband and I on a journey 

in which we had no idea on how to start. I truly believe without Mark's help and guidance 

my day would not have been quite so perfect as a day we wanted. I feel that Mark is a very 

giving soul not pushing his beliefs onto those who do not share his view but allows people 

to be able to find their way with gentle guidance.

- Tracy H. 


Dr. Greenfield,

It was purely a pleasure to meet you today at my first time ever to The Enchanted Kitchen. I just wanted to personally thank you for what you did today. Whether you realize it or not you gave me a very spiritually uplifting boost today, not only by conversation but the comfort and strength your energy level radiates. Not that mine was totally offset, but it was a nice reminder that I am not the only "blessed" one in this world.                                   

- Margaret S.